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The See Thru C-House Projects
Salt Lake City,UT
​This 2-story (no basement) home was designed for a small urban in-fill lot. Centered around an interior, east facing courtyard to capture morning sun and mountain view the owner had previously lived in lofts and wanted a contrast between industrial and residential finishes.
The central courtyard is surrounded on 3 sides by the living, eating and sleeping areas. A hedgerow of hornbeam trees offer privacy from the adjacent neighbors.
High ceilings, cross ventilation and evaporative cooling provide comfort on the hottest days. Hydronic radiant heating on both floors provide comfortable, cost effective heating. An abundance of windows insures plentiful natural light on even the dreariest winter days.
Finally, the house becomes a gallery for a large collection of artwork from the owners grandmother, Jeanette Maxfield Lewis, a renowned California artist. 
Courtyard Houses

These projects illustrate the use of interior courtyard spaces to extend the living areas to the outside. The added bonus is the amount of natural light and cross ventilation that can be achieved with this layout.

Holladay, UT
The owner of this English style estate requested  formal gardens and the ability to entertain on a grand scale. The 22 acre property offered the ability to do both while orienting the home for maximum daylighting and mountain views.
Initially designed at 56,000 sq.ft. with an indoor sports wing and guest suite, the home was pared down to 28,000 sq.ft. 
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