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Vincent Oles Architect,llc. (VO A) is an architectural firm licensed in California, Utah and Wyoming.  With over 38 years experience designing projects across the spectrum of building types including Institutional, Educational, Industrial, Commercial, Religious and Residential and over a diverse geographical area, Mr.Oles has developed a signature style and approach to his award winning projects.

A native Connecticut Yankee, educated in New York State and Louisiana, Mr. Oles started his intership in Jackson, Mississippi and continued in California until receiving his license in 1980. Mr. Oles has lived in and experienced a wide range of unique environments across the country including a former fish packing plant on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA.. He has called Salt Lake City home for the past 23 years but has returned to the Central Coast of California to be closer to family. His travels nationally and abroad have enriched him with the cultural and historical traditions found in these diverse areas and his design approach reflects these regional influences while integrating universal design elements with environmental sensibilities.

Mr. Oles brings a fresh perspective to every design challenge and looks forward to sitting down with you to discuss your plans. Please look through this site to familiarize yourself with what an architect is, why you should hire one and what types of services are typically provided.

Also, look through the projects both built or still on the boards...just remember, each of these projects was driven by the desire of the owners to reflect their own individuality and taste. Yours will be different and I can help you achieve it!


Vince Oles

Residential Architecture  is one of the most challenging of all building types. Balancing the needs of often conflicting program and design ideas, unique and sometimes challenging sites, meeting the requirements of local jurisdictions and working within  budgets, I find this to be the gumbo from which the most personal and creative solutions arise.

No project is too small or too large. I have designed homes from 680 sq.ft. up to 56,000 sq.ft. Home remodels and additions including exterior living spaces are equally as challenging and welcomed!

I look foward to helping you realize your dreams and find a solution that meets all of your requirements!


What can I do for you?

The design of a home involves thousands of decisions. The ability to evaluate and document those that offer the most value is critical to a successful project. As your architect, I will help you achieve the most from your program, budget and quality expectations. The design of your home is a process that begins long before construction starts. The planning and decisions made during this time will ensure that the construction phase will be more efficient and save you time, frustration and money. A typical project will include several design options for you to review and explore to ensure you get the solution that best works for you.

Please give a call to discuss your project requirements and let me demonstrate how I can serve you!


Working with an Architect...

Here are some of the professional services I offer:


  • Site Selection and Analysis (Environmental, Jurisdictional, Zoning, HOA review)

  • Pre-Design including Programming and Budget Review.

  • Concept Design including 3-d Modeling and Solar Analysis.

  • Interior 3-d Modeling including Natural + Artificial Lighting Analysis.

  • Construction Documents including Project Specifications.

  • Entitlement Processing with Planning, Engineering and Building Departments.

  • Measure and Document Existing House Plans and Elevations.

  • Review Alternative Construction Methods, Materials and Energy Analysis.

  • Construction Administration and Documentation.. ensuring what's being built is what was specified!


Why call on an architect for your project?


  • An architect's education, training and licensure  ensures you are getting a professional  dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

  • Design principals applied to your specific site and program (wish list) needs will bring value, economy and liveability to your project

  • A broad and comprehensive understanding of material and building construction techniques including energy conservation, passive solar and daylighting startegies will provide for an energy efficient, affordable and delightful environment for your family.

  • Coordinating the consultants, engineers, material suppliers and the voluminous data and minutia that make up a typical residential project.  This information becomes part of the Construction Documents that are then submitted for Building Permits and to General Contractors for bidding.

  • Provide Construction Administration during the building of your project to confirm that the work is progressing per specifications and schedule.

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